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USCIS Launches Safer Travel Document for Immigrants with “Green Card”

The Office of Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) reported on the launch of a new Travel Document, which must be used by immigrants and refugees under certain conditions.

“In order to prevent the alteration, falsification and fraud of secure documents, we will begin to produce a new, even more secure United States Travel Document on October 24,” the authority said in a statement, where it explained that it is a booklet similar to a US passport, but it serves dual purposes.

It should be remembered that this document is used by permanent residents who will make trips of more than one year, although it can also be used for those whose “green card” was damaged or lost, even those who do not wish to show a passport from their country of origin to enter the US.

This document is a signal to the authorities that the immigrant is not leaving the country and, if not processed, could face problems with CBP officials at ports of entry. Except for the cases mentioned above, this document is not mandatory for permanent residents.

The following are two of its functions:

1. Form I-327, Reentry Permit to the United States

Permanent residents use the reentry permit to temporarily travel outside of the United States for more than one year and, in some cases, may use a reentry permit to travel in lieu of a passport.

2. Form I-571, Refugee Travel Document

People with refugee or asylee status use a Refugee Travel Document if they want to leave the United States temporarily and, in some cases, instead of a passport.

USCIS previewed some of the new features of the document:

  • Redesigned brochure cover
  • Four photomontages containing three iconic images of American architecture
  • A combination of first, second and third level security features

The authority explained that some features are visible at first glance, such as the central image of the Statue of Liberty; others more concealed that can only be seen with a magnifying glass, but even those will require a laboratory examination for identification.

USCIS added that previous versions of the Travel Document will remain in effect until their expiration date.

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