Intelligence Reform

Assessing the 9/11 Panel’s Recommendations for Reshaping American Intelligence
Gregory F. Treverton, The Century Foundation, 8/30/2004
An in-depth analysis of the 9/11 Commission’s recommendations for reshaping the organization of U.S. intelligence.
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The Department of Homeland Security’s First Year
Donald F. Kettl, The Century Foundation, 3/4/2004
Prominent experts grade the Department of Homeland Security’s progress on issues of aviation security, intelligence, immigration, and state and local coordination.
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Joshua Micah Marshall, Washington Monthly, 7/1/2003
The FBI’s history is littered with moles, spies, leaks, and vulnerabilities. Today’s Republicans have done nothing to strengthen American intelligence against these threats.

The Enemy Within: Intelligence Gathering, Law Enforcement and Civil Liberties in the Wake of September 11
Stephen J. Schulhofer, Century Foundation Press, 9/15/2002
Review of the comprehensive new powers acquired by the federal government since September 11, their combined effects, and the dangers they may pose.
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Intelligence, Law Enforcement and Homeland Security
Gregory F. Treverton, The Century Foundation, 8/1/2002
A new system is necessary that bridges the oppositions built into the structures of U.S. intelligence agencies and brings national intelligence to bear on terrorism.
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Reshaping National Intelligence for an Age of Information
Gregory F. Treverton, Cambridge University Press, 5/15/2001
Reforming intelligence to be both contrarian, leaning against the conventional wisdom, and attentive to the longer term, leaning against the growing shorter time horizons of Washington policy makers.

In From The Cold
Allan Goodman, Philip Zelikow, Gregory F. Treverton, The Century Foundation, 6/1/1996
This report addresses the sudden shift in priorities the American intelligence community experienced after the collapse of the Soviet Union and identifies four crucial areas for improvement in the intelligence community’s focus, capabilities, and operations.

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